Tipping in Crypto

Tipping in Crypto

Monetary exchange between parties in the past would have required sending payments through Western Union, PayPal, or another venue, which would have necessitated the disclosure of personal information. However, when tipping with cryptocurrency, the anonymity of both parties is preserved – tipping has little or no real fees which makes it a more cost-effective transaction.

Various websites allow users to tip digital content creators with cryptocurrency on social media since Bitcoin’s inception, but here are a few that still exist to this day.


Tippin.me is currently the simplest way to send and receive Bitcoin tips on the social media platform Twitter. It is a browser extension that leverages the Lightning Network to send Bitcoin and is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox – a lightning sign appears next to the ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ buttons when the extension is enabled. It is still in beta; however, it may eventually circulate to other social networking platforms.

CoinTip is another alternative for tipping on Twitter, as it operates via a dashboard that is accessible after setting up a CoinTip account and depositing Bitcoin into it. Following that, you can tip Twitter users by sending out a tweet with their Twitter account, CoinTip’s Twitter handle along with the amount you want to tip.


Reddit used to include a bot that allowed users to tip Bitcoins, however, the bot isn’t available anymore and attempts to replicate the service have failed following a lack of interest.

Although there doesn’t appear to be a service that allows you to tip with Bitcoin on Reddit right now, there is still Tippr, which allows you to tip with Bitcoin Cash – Tippr is also integrated with Twitter.


A decentralized blockchain browser, “Brave” works on expanding its services linked to token tipping – including GitHub, Vimeo, and Reddit in addition to Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Users who have signed up for the Brave Rewards program are allowed to tip content creators with the Basic Attention Token – the Browser’s Native Token (BAT).

Moreover, the Brave browser lets you tip websites to “appreciate” them for the content. For more information Vist our Website