Introducing the CoinBeam Design Partner Program

CoinBeam Design Partner Program

CoinBeam offers a software solution that enables banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to offer crypto and digital currency products to their customers. At the core of this is the CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform, which seamlessly integrates with your exiting website and application seamlessly.

Your brand, your look and feel – powered by CoinBeam behind the scenes.

We’re excited to announce a new partner program available for any financial who wants to begin exploring the opportunities that blockchain presents: the CoinBeam Design Partnership Program.

CoinBeam Design Partner Program

CoinBeam’s Design Partner Program is a free, six-month collaborative process designed to help us better understand your organization’s values and the needs of your customers. The goal of this partnership is to help you gain valuable insight into the capabilities of the CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform, as well as leverage the knowledge and experience of the CoinBeam team.

Together we will:

  • Explore new use cases and business drivers

  • Create a secure testing environment and sandbox for deploying private tests

  • Identify technology dependencies and 3rd party integrations

  • Develop data-driven business models, unit economics and key progress indicators (KPI’s)

  • Improve the value proposition of selected features

  • Influence CoinBeam’s roadmap to accelerate delivery

  • Emerge from the Design Partner Program with a market-ready, customized and hardened solution

We will empower your team with blockchain, crypto and digital currency knowledge. You will also understand how the CoinBeam platform can enable you to offer crypto to your users through web and mobile apps. Together we will explore new use cases and business drivers, identify technology dependencies and integrations as well as deploy a secure testing environment and sandbox for you to try out new features.

Our design partners will directly influence our product roadmap to offer the products and services most important to your customers. At the end of this program each of the partners will have a clear answer to the question “What is your Crypto Strategy?” – a custom design solution for the Financial Institution to offer crypto trading for its members.

To get started with the CoinBeam Design Partner Program, just email us at or visit