CoinBeam Design Partner Program

CoinBeam’s Design Partner Program is a free strategic collaborative process designed to help us better understand your organization's values and the needs of your customers. The goal of this partnership is to help you gain valuable insight into the capabilities of the CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform, as well as leverage the knowledge and experience of the CoinBeam team. We'll help you build your crypto strategy.
“62% of the U.S. adult population say they are willing to buy crypto (be it first time or not) if they can store it in their bank account.”

- Ascent Study May 2022

CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform

CoinBeam offers a turnkey solution to enable financial institutions to offer digital currency products and services with a seamless user experience that engages and delights your clients. From a basic custodial wallet to a diverse infrastructure with the best-in-class risk management, information security, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) features, CoinBeam's Digital Banking Platform offers an exciting roadmap covering staking, NFTs, token issuing, lending and more.

Furthermore, the CoinBeam platform is powered by the driving force of seasoned professionals who have been in the cryptocurrency and digital currencies/assets space for nearly 10 years.

What’s Inside the CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform?

The CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform is composed of two integral parts: CoinBeam Wallet and CoinBeam Dashboard
white label crypto wallet
CoinBeam Wallet

The CoinBeam Wallet is a custodial crypto wallet that allows secure holding, transferring, and buying and selling of digital currencies.

  • KYC
  • AML
  • Defi Solutions
  • Private Tokens
  • Staking
  • On-ramp/Off-ramp
  • Liquidity
  • Exchange Aggregators

CoinBeam Dashboard

The CoinBeam Dashboard allows you to understand capital moves and control AUM. You can generate actionable insights that drive business decisions and understand what your customers are doing with their crypto and fiat assets.
  • Staking as a Service
  • Understanding AUM
  • Generating Insights
  • Aggregators
  • Cold Storage

CoinBeam Design Partner Program

We help our design partners develop a strategy to maximize the opportunities of blockchain currencies and other new products and applications being built upon the blockchain. Our design partners help drive our product roadmap.

Explore new use cases and
business drivers

Create a secure testing environment
for deploying private tests

Identify technology dependencies
and 3rd party integrations

Develop data-driven business models,
unit economics and key progress indicators (KPI's)

Improve value proposition of
selected features

Emerge from the Design Partner Program with a market-ready, customized and hardened solution

Capture new Demographics

Influence CoinBeam's roadmap
to accelerate delivery

Structure & Timeline

To initiate the collaboration, your organization will need to identify a project owner who will be our primary contact to assist with answering surveys and providing deliverables. We anticipate biweekly check-ins via video calls or email, which should take no more than a few hours each week.

Research Phase (Greenfield) - (3 months)

  • Understand expectations & motivations
  • Strategic alignment
  • Sharpen the user personas
  • Determine Needs for existing integrations (KYC, AML)

Feature Evaluation and Prioritization (1 month)

  • Scope definition
  • Initial low-hanging fruit feature list
  • Roadmap planning

Integration Dependencies (1 month)

  • Understand banking systems dependencies
  • Security requirements
  • Legal requirements

Playground and Testing Environments (1 month)

  • Friends & family roll-out
  • Testing feature flags functionality
  • Understanding operational needs & costs
  • Final decision on becoming a customer

Launching (1 month)

  • Final staging testing - green light
  • Launch campaigns
  • Monitor usage
  • Launch to production

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