The CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform makes it easy to offer digital currency services to your customers.

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CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform

CoinBeam makes it easy for Financials, Banks, and Credit Unions to offer digital currency products and services to your customers with a secure, customizable SaaS solution.
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CoinBeam Digital Banking Platform

There are three main components to the CoinBeam Digital Banking platform:

Wallet Ecosystem Monitoring

This real-time dashboard enables you to monitor the flow of capital and control your AUM. Gain valuable, actionable insights to trends that can drive business decisions and better understand what your customers are doing with their crypto assets.

Corporate Crypto Services

Roadmap features include: Cold Storage Wallets, Multi-Signature Corporate Crypto Accounts, Private Token Launching, Smart Contract Automation, Staking as a Service, and Carbon Emission Offsets

CBDC Wholesale Wallet

Allows Financials to connect directly with the Central Bank, managing capital requirements related management for CBDCs.

ACH & Wiretransfers

ACH & Wiretransfers are available for you to unlock the existing banking services

Defi Solutions

We help you provide De-Fi Solutions like (borrowing, lending etc) to your customers.

Private Tokens

We will allow you to create provide tokens for credit/debit card cash backs.

The Wallet Ecosystem

A white label wallet that enables customers to quickly deliver to clients all functionality with customized branding.
The vision of the product is enabling a wallet that centralizes all user interactions regarding fiat, crypto and CBDC’s.
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We made this app with hand crafted user experience with can be modified to your branding and colors.

Coinbeam brings decades of experience: Banking, SaaS, Security & Crypto

Jeroen van Rotterdam
CEO/CISO, Founder/Investor

John Higgins

Michiel Veen
COO/CFO Founder/Investor

Salah Khawaja
Product Strategy Founder/Investor

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