Digital Currencies Made Easy
for Financials

CoinBeam enables banks and financial institutions to easily offer digital currency services, including a white-label crypto wallet app to manage cryptocurrencies, anti-money laundering monitoring services, core banking system integrations and more.

Girl in a jacket This Crypto thing is not going away. We need to figure out how our Banking Services fit into this…

CoinBeam Digital Currency Banking Platform

CoinBeam Wallet

CoinBeam Wallet works on iOS and Android devices and can connect to a variety of social media accounts.

Support For
Popular Coins

Buy, sell and exchange coins, with dozens more on the way

Validation for KYC

Coinbeam has automated validation for KYC which is speedy and efficient.


Send/Receive crypto via social media bots, including Twitter, Telegram and many more.

Customizable Branding

Customize CoinBeam Wallet for your customers, with your own branding and integrating with existing banking systems

Customer Support

In-app support features to assist your customers with their wallet.

CoinBeam Platform

CoinBeam Platform is a dashboard that enables you to monitor you customers digital currency holdings and has other features including

Meet Our Team

Jeroen van Rotterdam

CEO / CISO, Founder/Investor

Michiel Veen

COO/CFO Founder/Investor

R. Kevin Perkins

CLO / Compliance Officer

Kevin Chew

Business Development

Salah Khawaja

Product Strategy Founder /Investor

Haseeb Riaz


Javier Diaz

Chief Product Officer

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